The instructions that come with trackers that look like the one in the photo opposite are pretty useless. I have seen the trackers given one star on review sites because the buyers say they don't work. When set up properly these trackers in fact work well and give an excellent battery life for such a small unit. With a little work you can easily get 7 days use without recharging

So let's get to work and set up your new tracker. Let me start by saying that this device works on 2G, NOT 3G (so in the UK that means that you can't use Three for your  ). In the UK we recommend using Giff Gaff as their texts are free and they use the usually reliable O2 network.

Before even unboxing the tracker there are several things to be done. You will need an unlocked phone (or a phone locked to the network that you will be using). As you will be altering settings in the phone it might be as well to buy a 5 cheapo phone to set up.

Put your SIM in the phone and do whatever is necessary to activate it. The tracker uses a full size SIM which may not be the same as your phone so cut the required size out carefully - you can use proper Sellotape to stick the SIM back together later. After activating you have NOT finished, do not yet remove the SIM from the phone as Voice Mail will almost certainly be activated. The tracker works by not answering a call and then texting back (more on this later) so you certainly do not want voice mail to take over!

After setting up the SIM it's time to move on to the tracker itself.

The BL-5B battery supplied with your unit only holds about 250mA. A proper Nokia battery will hold twice that. Even so you can quite easily get 4 full days use from the supplied battery IF you follow the instructions to fully charge then run flat a couple of times. Each cycle will take 4 or 5 days so it's not surprising taht most people don't bother to follow this step.

You need to put the SIM into the unit, remembering that it's the "old fashioned" full size SIM that is required. The type with just 6 contacts will work fine however.

If you intend to use the memory then you need to put a memory card into your unit first! 8Gig is enough. Next fit your SIM. It goes contact side down with the missing corner pointing to the inside of the unit.

Next insert the battery - the unit will power up ON immediately, you do NOT need to press the On/Off button. To confirm that it is operating take a look near the power socket and you should see a feint green/blue LED flash every 15 or so seconds. If you do not see a flash then check the battery is in right and only then press the power button for at least 3 seconds. Hold the button in don't fidget with it or you may turn the unit off again!